2Day in #OpenGov 1/15/2013



  • Some major Washington trade groups are looking for new leadership and there is no shortage of recently retired members of Congress jockeying for the jobs. Groups that could look to former lawmakers to fulfill their needs include the American Gaming Association, the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association, and the Fertilizer Institute. (The Hill)
  • A new project aims to help the English-speaking world gain a deeper understanding of the conflict currently raging in Syria. Syria Deeply combines conflict mapping, analysis from correspondents on the ground, interviews with Syrians effected by the conflict, and more to provide a deeper look at the problem. (Tech President)
  • If Senator John Kerry (D-MA) is confirmed as Secretary of State, and it is expected that he will be, the race to replace him is expected to attracted massive money, both from potential candidates and outside groups around the country. (Politico)
  • Former Governor and GOP presidential hopeful John Huntsman and Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV), the newly named leaders of moderate group No Labels, pledged to be transparent about their organization’s finances. The group is not legally required to disclose its contributors. (National Journal)
  • Silicon Valley Representative Zoe Lofgren (D-CA), an early opponent of SOPA, discussed the open internet, copyright reform, and other issues that may or may not come up in the 113th Congress. (ArsTechnica)
  • Reform groups are citing President Obama’s loose rules on inauguration donations as only the most recent sign that the President doesn’t care about the issue of money in politics. (NPR)
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