2Day in #OpenGov 1/16/2012



  • US CIO Steven VanRoekel announced that the Digital Government Strategy is starting to lead to economic benefits, with numerous companies being formed thanks to the federal data that is being released as part of the plan.(FedScoop)
  • The numerous fiscal conflicts likely to take place during the nascent days of the 113th Congress bode well for the lobbying industry. A wide range of sectors will be looking to their lobbyists to get good deals out of the upcoming debates.(Roll Call)
  • Republicans and Democrats hold yearly retreats outside of Washington to formulate policy and build relationships. How they pay for these retreats says a lot about their political differences, with the GOP turning to wealthy corporate donors and the Democrats relying on taxpayer money. (National Journal)
  • Philadelphia’s leaders reiterated their commitment to using innovative technology to engage their citizens by naming the city’s first Director of Civic Technology. Tim Wisniewski, who previously worked on Philadelphia’s 311 system, will focus on creating lasting applications and helping city departments meet their goals. (Gov Tech)
  • The Justice Department is recommending that the U.S. join a federal whistleblower lawsuit originally filed by Lance Armstrong’s former teammate Floyd Landis.(Wall Street Journal)
  • A Virginia Delegate proposed a law that would add the correspondence and working papers of state legislative aids to a list of items exempt from the state FOIA. The bill has received sharp criticism from local transparency advocates. (Watchdog.org)
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