2Day in #OpenGov 1/18/2013



  • The NRA has been flexing their lobbying muscles in statehouses across the country for decades and the recent tragedy in Newtown, CT hasn’t stopped them. (Washington Post)
  • In the lead-up to March 4th election, several web portals have launched in Kenya aimed at giving voters easy access to election information and ways to report and track corruption.(Tech President)
  • According to a new survey conducted by George Washington University, voters now trust information from social media like Facebook and Twitter as much as they trust traditional news sources. (Politico)
  • John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi formally reappointed members to the board of the Office of Congressional Ethics, ensuring that it will continue to operate. (National Journal)
  • After a banner year in 2012, experts are predicting that “big data” and “performance metrics” will continue to make headlines in 2013. The OMB is expecting to save billions of dollars over the next year thanks to new initiatives. (Federal Computer Week)
  • Almagordo, New Mexico is looking to upgrade its systems in order to provide staff and citizens easier access to city public records. They are turning to the New Mexico Historical Records Advisory Board to help fund the initiative. (Alamogordo Daily News)
  • Former Obama campaign officials are hoping to turn the sophisticated operation into a vehicle to support the President’s second term agenda. The new organization will take the shape of a 501(c)4, allowing it to accept unlimited contributions. (LA Times)


  • H.R. 53To amend title 18, US Code, to increase from 1 to 2 years the post employment restrictions on Members of the House of Representatives. 
  • H.R. 268. Grassroots Democracy Act of 2013.


  • None.

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