2Day in #OpenGov 1/29/2013



  • Data.gov, with help from a team of Presidential Innovation Fellows, is getting a citizen friendly redesign that will highlight how open data resources are already being used in the private sector. The new approach can be seen at alpa.data.gov (Fed Scoop)
  • Samsung is revving up its lobbying operation to go along with its move to the front in the smartphone wars. The South Korean company spent around $800,000 on lobbying last year, more than in any previous year. (Politico)
  • While speculation continues swirl about  Hillary Clinton’s plans for the 2016 presidential race, multiple PACs have sprung up to support her when, and if, she decides to run. (Public Integrity)
  • Despite losing her lucrative gig at Fox News, Sarah Palin still has an avenue to push her political agenda. Her super PAC has over $1 million in the bank. Most powerful PACs keep smaller amounts of cash on hand unless preparing for a campaign push. (Public Integrity)
  • The FDA recently turned to table technology to improve its data collection. The new system helps streamline farm safety inspections, allowing for instant reporting of issues. (Government Technology)
  • After a local open government group filed a FOIA suit the Washington, DC Council changed its rules to ensure that council members and staff cannot avoid the FOIA by doing business on their personal emails. (NFOIC)
  • S.35. Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act of 2013. To require reporting regarding bulk purchases of ammunition, and for other purposes.


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