2Day in #OpenGov 1/31/2013



  • The Office of Congressional Ethics released its 2012 end-of-year report showing it forwarded 13 matters to the House Ethics Committee for review of 32 matters it opened. (Roll Call)
  • Two cases before the House Ethics Committee are being held until the panel has its first organizational meeting and can officially begin taking action. (Roll Call)
  • The Government Accountability Office issued a report calling for better interagency contracting practices in the federal government. (GovExec)
  • The American League of Lobbyists has ended its contract with its lobbying company, which had lobbied on issues such as campaign finance laws and regulations. (Public Integrity)
  • The FEC increased contribution limits on individuals for the 2014 election cycle. Individuals will be able to contribute up to $5,200 for a candidate and $32,400 for a national party committee. (Roll Call)
  • Democratic members of Congress praised the House Majority PAC in a new video, saying the PAC helped them “fight back” against Republican PACs. (Public Integrity)
  • Chris Vein, former deputy CTO of the White House, is settling into his new role as chief innovation officer for Global Information and Communications Technology Development at the World Bank. (GovTech)
  • Carl Hoecker, who was inspector general for the U.S. Capitol Police, has been appointed as the Securities and Exchange Commission’s inspector general. (ExecutiveGov)


  • H.R. 12. Voter Empowerment Act of 2013: To modernize voter registration, promote access to voting for individuals with disabilities, protect the ability of individuals to exercise the right to vote in elections for Federal office, and for other purposes.


  • None.

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