2Day in #OpenGov 2/11/2013



  • Bangladesh is reportedly planning to take some advice from a visiting Congressional delegation that suggested hiring lobbyists to get better results in Washington. (Washington Post)
  • In the wake of their 2012 election loss, Republicans are trying to learn some lessons to ensure that they put their technology and data to the best possible use in the future. (Tech President)
  • This weekend’s massive snow storm gave citizens in New York City a chance to try out some interesting civic technology. PlowNYC tracks salt and plowing operations throughout the city. (Tech President)
  • The Tea Party has made the latest move in its budding war with Karl Rove. The Tea Party Patriots, one of the most prominent groups, launched a new super PAC to target “‘big spending’ politicians of both parties”. (Politico)
  • Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) is planning new legislation to target bad-actor contractors. According to Issa, agencies are not adequately suspending and debarring contractors who are known for unethical and wasteful behavior.(Government Executive)
  • The International Anti-Corruption Academy is offering a new Master’s program in Anti-Corruption Studies. The degree is aimed at professionals working in corporate compliance, internal oversight, law enforcement, investigative journalism, and more. (Wall Street Journal)


  • H.R. 442End the Congressional Revolving Door Act.
  • H.R. 431. Gun Transparency and Accountability (Gun TRAC) Act of 2013.
  • H.R. 416Egypt Accountability and Democracy Promotion Act.
  • S.191A bill to codify and modify regulatory requirements of Federal agencies.


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