2Day in #OpenGov 2/28/2013



  • A new study by the Center for Effective Government (formerly OMB Watch) found that the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs has failed to put many records from meetings, oral communications, and public comments related to agency rulemaking on its website. (Government Executive)
  • Expected 2016 Republican presidential contender Marco Rubio isn’t hesitating to start setting up his bid. In recent weeks he has been meeting with powerful GOP financiers who could provide him with crucial fundraising support. (Politico)
  • Cook County Illinois CIO Lydia Murray sat down to talk about collaborating with the city of Chicago and the changing role of the CIO in municipal government. (Government Technology)
  • A super PAC set up to target Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell made it’s already difficult job even harder through number of gaffes this week. First, the group came under attack from all sides for racist tweets about the Senator’s wife. Then, word emerged that the FEC warned the group after they missed a required deadline. (The Washington Times)
  • Robin Kelly, Michael Bloomberg’s favored candidate to replace Jesse Jackson Jr. in the House, won the Democratic primary on Tuesday, almost assuring her a place on Capitol Hill. Bloomberg, whose super PAC spent around $2 million supporting her, plans to continue to support candidates that favor gun control. Washington Post)
  • Represent.US and United Republic are planning a “Stop Lobbyist Bribery” K Street 5k run to raise awareness for their American Anti-Corruption Act. No word if Jack Abramoff, who supports the organizations, will be participating. (Roll Call)


  • None.



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