2Day in #OpenGov 3/6/2013



  • If Cory Booker decides to run for Senate in New Jersey he’s going to have to disclose how much he makes via speaking fees. They dynamic speaker hinted recently that he has made around $1 million, but given much of it away.(Politico)
  • Apparently everything’s coming up K Street in 2013 following a disappointing election year for the lobbying industry. With Congress set to consider a wide range of issues from guns to immigration to tax reform. (The Hill)
  • According to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee that many agencies are ignoring cost saving recommendations from their Inspectors General. All told, the Committee identified 17,000 recommendations that could save $67 billion. (Executive Gov)
  • Following a major corruption scandal, and lacking any real transparency or freedom of information laws, the Spanish government is exerting strict control over the press, reportedly forcing them to watch press conferences on video and not allowing questions. (Tech President)
  • The House Ethics Committee has released revised disclosure forms for Members and staff to fill out before and after taking privately financed trips. The revisions are part of the Committee’s efforts to collect more targeted information about lobbyist connected travel. (Roll Call)
  • President Obama is caving to Congress in an effort to get his preferred CIA director confirmed. The administration is going to allow Congress to see classified legal opinions justifying the policy of killing American citizens suspected of terrorism with drones and other methods. (Politico)
  • Opinion: Singapore portrays itself as business friendly and open, but the government maintain a strong culture of censorship and control over political dissent. (Tech President)


  • None.

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