2Day in #OpenGov 3/11/2013



  • The NRSC took advantage of Rand Paul’s filibuster to raise some money last week. As of Thursday afternoon they had pulled in $75,000 via the #standwithrand hashtag that was trending. (Politico)
  • The latest list of bundler’s to President Obama’s reelection campaign might not include any registered lobbyists, but it is loaded with top executives from companies and firms that lobby the federal government. (Public Integrity)
  • The epic tale of President Obama’s ties to Organizing for Action continued last week as Jim Messina, the group’s chairman, suggested that the President could meet with top donors as early as this week. (Politico)
  • Rep. Greg Meeks (D-NY), the only current U.S. lawmaker to attend the funeral of recently deceased Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez, was accused of not-so-sunny ties to a major donor with interests in the Chavez regime. (The Washington Times)
  • A group of Republican members of Congress are asking the Justice department to investigate the EPA’s FOIA practices after an internal email circulated that appears to direct agency officials to delay or obstruct inconvenient requests for information. (The Examiner)
  • A new report from the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction suggests that at least $8 billion has been lost to waste, fraud, and abuse during the reconstruction process. (POGO)
  • The Obama administration filed a brief supporting a Maryland photo journalists who was arrested and beaten after taking photographs of police arresting two other men. The Justice department argues that the constitution protects the photographer’s right to photograph police in public places. (Ars Technica)
  • a requirement buried in an appropriations bill passed by the House last week would push the Defense Department to disclose information about domestic drone use. (CNET)


  • H.R. 983To amend title 18, United States Code, with respect to disclosures to governments by communications-related service providers of certain information consisting of or relating to communications, and for other purposes.


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