2Day in #OpenGov 4/9/2013



  • The Indian government sponsored its first hackathon over the weekend. more than 1,900 participants located at 10 education institutions across the country hacked on apps and infographics related to India’s latest 5 year-plan. (Tech President)
  • Meanwhile, the White House is hosting its second hackathon on Jun 1. They’ve set the lofty goal of creating “full, production-ready applications and visual tools,” that can be used on the We The People petition system. (Federal Computer Week)
  • Companies are likely to pursue a variety of strategies as they fight to save their favorite credits during the looming fight over tax reform. A number of them have hit on the same idea: find a path to the power. To this end, a diverse set of firms has signed up lobbyists with strong ties to Senate Finance Chair Max Baucus.  (New York Times)
  • Yvette Fontenot,  one of the Obama administration’s top health care officials, is joining Democratic lobbying shop Avenue Solutions. She previously served stints at HHS and in the White House Office of Health Reform, where she helped to implement Obamacare. (The Hill)
  • On the other side of the aisle, former GOP staff director and general counsel for the House Administration Committee Phil Kiko is joining the Smith-Free group. The firm represents companies like Bank of America, MasterCard, and Sony Pictures. (The Hill)
  • By the end of April all five remaining FEC commissioners will be serving expired terms. The FEC has an increasingly large workload and has often failed to enforce the most basic rules or agree to pursue the most obvious violations. (Roll Call)
  • Ready for Hillary PAC is gaining some momentum in its quest to support Hillary Clinton’s not yet existent 2016 White House bid. Last week James Carville wrote an email supporting the group’s efforts and now Harold Ickes, a major Clinton fundraiser and strategist, as signed on to advise the PAC and help them raise money. (Washington Post)


  • None. 



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