Obama taps Romney donors for labor board


Logo of National Labor Relations BoardWhether it's a sign of post-partisanship or sheer exasperation is hard to say, but two of the three nominees that President Barack Obama today tapped for seats on the National Labor Relations Board donated to the Republican who wanted to take his place.

Harry I. Johnson donated $1,500 to Mitt Romney's unsuccessful presidential campaign last year and Philip Miscimarra gave Romney $1,000, according to data downloaded from Sunlight's Influence Explorer.

Both are Republican labor attorneys who, while not prolific donors, have also made other contributions to GOP committees. To view Johnson's donations, click here; Miscimarra's are here. Johnson, from California, has given to former President George W. Bush; Miscimarra, from Illinois, has donated to two losing congressional candidates, both women. 

The nominations of the GOP givers may represent a bit of bluff-calling by the president: In making them, the president pointedly noted that he has had difficulty getting the Senate to confirm his choices for the NLRB, an agency that helps mediate labor disputes. A federal panel earlier this year ruled unconstitutional the recess appointments Obama made to end-around the Senate gridlock.