2Day in #OpenGov 4/12/2013



  • The President of Estonia brought 16 crowdsourced ideas to parliament this week, tapping into laws generated through Rahvakogu, the People’s Assembly, an online platform. Unfortunately, this appears likely to be a one off event, not a permanent platform. (Tech President)
  • Ted Cruz and a dozen other conservative Senators, including disclosure’s greatest nemesis Mitch McConnell, sent a letter to the FCC urging the body to avoid new rules that would force more disclosure from the makers of political ads. The groups is concerned that the FCC could effectively implement parts of the DISCLOSE Act, which they’ve put a lot of effort into killing in recent years. (Public Integrity)
  • European Union member states agreed on new rules that would open more data to the public. The rules still need to be approved by the European Parliament and implemented in individual member states, but once active will make more data open for low or no cost. (GigaOM)
  • Looks like President Obama has a new fundraising goal and this one will keep him active after he leaves office. George W. Bush raised over $500 million for his presidential library, more than any other past president. (POLITICO)
  • Mark Zuckerberg officially launched his political group, Fwd.us, this week with an op-ed in the Washington Post. The group, which will focus on immigration reform, counts a number of big tech industry names among its supporters. (Washington Post)
  • According to campaign finance filings, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor turned to Wall Street for some serious cash in the first quarter. His Young Guns Victory Fund joint fundraising committee pulled in $122,500 from 13 Wall Street big shots. (Roll Call)


  • None. 


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