2Day in #OpenGov 4/16/2013



  • The House Judiciary Committee is planning to subpoena the Obama administration for documents outlining the legal justification for killing American citizens suspected of terrorism while abroad. The subpoena comes after the administration missed a deadline set by the committee’s chair and ranking member to turn over the documents. (The Hill)
  • States don’t do a very good job making information about income tax rates and common tax forms available on their websites. A new study by the Tax Foundation found that only five states had information about income tax rates five clicks or less deep into their websites. (Government Technology)
  • President Obama’s budget recommends a .94% cut to the GPO’s outlay for FY2014. The budget includes large cuts to the GPO’s printing and binding budget and a healthy bump to its revolving fund, which would be used to pay for projects related to FDsys as well as IT improvements. (Fierce Government)
  • Obama’s budget also shifts responsibility for USASpending.gov from GSA to the Treasury Department. Treasury will work to identify medium and long term changes to the site.  (Executive Government)
  • When President Obama travels to the dedication of the George W. Bush Presidential Library, for which W raised over $500 million, later this month he’ll be doing a little fundraising of his own. The President and Michelle Obama will fly in a night early to hit up donors. (Washington Times)
  • Likely 2016 GOP candidate and boy wonder Marco Rubio raised $2.3 million in the first quarter of 2013. Whether he’s prepping for his reelection bid or a White House run, he looks to be on the right track. (POLITICO)
  • Former Florida Representative Connie Mack tried and failed to take his dad’s old job in the Senate last year. This month, he’s following his father to K Street. He will join Liberty Partners, where Connie Mack Senior is already a partner. (Roll Call)


  • None.


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