2Day in #OpenGov 4/18/2013



  • The House unanimously passed a bill that would give the GAO stronger investigative and audit authorities. The GAO Improvement Act will give the GAO broader access to sensitive agency information, allow it to copy records, and place witnesses under certain oaths. Many provisions had been part of the DATA act, which passed the House but failed in the Senate during the 112th Congress. (Government Executive)
  • There are some not-so-shocking first quarter fundraising totals coming in from members of the House Financial Services Committee. Members of the committee can typically count on generous donations from banking interests. (Roll Call)
  • San Francisco considers itself a leader in open data and the city is finally getting Bikeshare, a program that benefits significantly from robust open data. Companies will be able to build apps that track bikes, predict demand, and more. (GovFresh)
  • One of the most important ways that government can boost communication with citizens is to present information in clear, easily understandable language. To this end, the Center for Plain Language has bestowed ClearMark awards on several federal agencies for their web and document design. (Government Executive)
  • Journalists trying to gain access to legal documents and court orders in the Bradley Manning case were rebuffed by the military’s highest appeals court earlier this week. The court ruled that it lacks the power to consider media challenges to other military judges’ rulings on access to court materials. (POLITICO)
  • The Digital Public Library of America is launching its new website and officially becoming an independent nonprofit today. Rather than hosting resources itself, the DPLA will provide open access to metadata about resources and links to holdings at libraries across the country. (Government Technology)


  • None.


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