2Day in #OpenGov 5/1/2013



  • YouTube is now doing its part to help members of Congress provide live access to their constituents. Thanks to a deal struck between YouTube and the House and Senate Administration committees, lawmakers can now host live-streamed events for free. We wait with baited breath to see if this will bring the bar low enough to convince the House Appropriations Committee to join in the fun. (The Hill)
  • Bill Gates is teaming up with the Nation’s top farmer and leading tech geek to promote both open data and food security. The Microsoft billionaire joined Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack and Chief Technology Officer Todd Park to introduce a new database that helps farmers, ranchers, scientists, and policymakers access public information. The leaders hope that promoting open data will help improve global nutrition and food security. (Washington Post)
  • Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington spent less than $5,000 on lobbying in the first quarter, and filed a “termination report.” While they don’t intend to stop lobbying, this may be an indication that they are scaling back their work or have decided their activities no longer meet the requirements for reporting. (Roll Call)
  • The head of one of Washington’s most prominent technology trade groups is stepping down. Rey Ramsey is leaving as CEO of TechNet, which represents companies like Google,. Facebook, and Yahoo, after three plus years at the helm. (The Hill)
  • National Journal did the tough job of roundup three depressing stories that came out yesterday. First, the Washington Post tackled President Obama’s lack of any real interest in campaign finance reform; then news broke that, after leaving office in disgrace, former Congressman and noted sexter Anthony Weiner is making big bucks in the private sector; finally, the FBI is investigating the cozy, and possibly illegal, relationship between Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and a wealthy donor. (National Journal)
  • San Francisco named its new Chief Information Officer last week. Marc Touitou will also serve as the Director of San Fran’s Department of Technology. Touitou has a 30 year history in IT in the private sector including long stints with two European companies. (Government Technology)
  • Despite opposition that has so far proven weak, at best, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is taking to the airwaves this week with more than $1 million worth of ads. The buy is in the expensive New York and Philadelphia markets. (POLITICO)


  • None.



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