2Day in #OpenGov 5/6/2013



  • Jonathan Soros, son of famous financier George Soros, spread his political money around throughout 2012 and early 2013. He gave to young House democrats, poured money into his own hybrid PAC, and supported New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s push for public financing of campaigns. (Roll Call)
  • A new project from Freedom House and the International Center for Journalists is drawing attention to the continued violence against journalists in Mexico. The crowdsourced mapping project offers a safe and anonymous way to report attacks against journalists  bloggers, and others. (Tech President)
  • What is Open Data? Palo Alto, CA CIO Jonathan Reichental attempted to outline some of his central ideas at an event late last week, covering topics like machine readability and accountability. (Government Technology)
  • Despite a recent GAO Report that lacked any strong conclusions about the effect of the political intelligence industry, the practice is making news in Washington. A small Washington firm, Height Securities, is under scrutiny for an alert it sent out to clients on April first about a coming government decision related to medicare. (Washington Post)
  • The sequestration is having an impact on the Library of Congress’ efforts to digitize millions of books, images, maps, and more. (New York Times)
  • Members of Congress normally deal with some strong disclosure rules related to gifts that they receive, but they’re allowed to get waivers for special occaisions. Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) recently made use of the exemption when celebrating his wedding. (Roll Call)


  • S. 824Shareholder Protection Act of 2013.


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