2Day in #OpenGov 5/7/2013



  • The Information Technology Industry Council just picked up two high profile members. Samsung and Facebook join Apple, Google, Microsoft and more as members of the group, which will likely lobby on privacy, cybersecurity, and more for the companies. (The Hill)
  • Lobbyists have been deregistering in waves over the past couple of years and there are a number of reasons why. Planning, PR, grassroots lobbying, and buying TV ads have all become more common place and don’t have to be reported. Meanwhile, the Obama administration’s open disdain for lobbyists has driven some more into the shadows.  (NPR)
  • Lobbyists like to build up their contributions to help build their relationships with members of Congress. The trend is apparent with a number of freshman and their lobbyist bank-rollers. (Roll Call)
  • Anna M. Gomez, who until recently occupied the second spot at the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, is heading to the law and lobbying firm Wiley Rein. Gomez, who has previous experience at the FCC, in the Clinton Administration, and on the Senate Commerce Committee, will serve as a partner in Wiley Rein’s communications practice. (The Hill)
  • More than 20 tech firms, convened by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee and the Data Transparency Coalition, are going to showcase their tools and advocate for passage of the DATA Act at an event on May 16. (fedscoop)
  • South Africa has high levels of corruption, but its citizens are employing a variety of methods to combat it. Corruption Watch, a young civil society organization, has gained national attention with a combination of old and new media. (Tech President)
  • Chris Christie raised more than $6 million in the first quarter, easily outpacing his token opposition. Christie is a strong favorite for reelection, and considered a potential GOP presidential candidate in 2016. (Washington Post)


  • None.



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