2Day in #OpenGov 3/8/2013



  • Now that Mark “I’m back!” Sanford has revived his political career all eyes are likely to turn to the race in Massachusetts to fill John Kerry’s seat. After early polls suggest that the young GOP candidate may be competitive against the Democratic nominee Karl Rove’s American Crossroads is looking to spend money on the race. It remains to be seen if other outside groups will join them. (The Hill)
  • The insurance industry is lobbying hard for the federal government to approve more disaster aid for states that boost their building codes. The BuildStrong Coalition hopes that Congress will pass legislation before the summer storm season begins. (The Hill)
  • Support from Washington, DC based groups wasn’t enough to push Elizabeth “I lost to that guy?!” Colbert Busch over the finish line and into the House of Representatives. Despite this outside spending advantage, Colbert Busch was thoroughly trounced by her deeply flawed opponent Mark Sanford. (Public Integrity)
  • Political intelligence firms continue to make headlines this week for their questionably legal tactics and possible ability to move markets. Senator Chuck Grassley and Rep. Louise Slaughter are trying to take advantage of the controversy to move legislation that would force these firms to step into the sunlight. (Washington PostRoll Call)
  • Members of Congress and candidates often loan themselves some money to help move their campaigns along during lean fundraising moments. It’s not unsurprising that they would move quickly to retire these personal debts once the money starts rolling in. At least seven 2012 winners repaied themselves during the first quarter of 2013. (Roll Call)
  • We’ve covered the complicated issue of public officials using their personal email to attempt to hide official business from public view. But, the issue is coming up again as Congress considers President Obama’s nominee for Labor Secretary. (Federal Computer Week)
  • Marco Rubio’s well publicized trip to Wall Street some weeks back had some immediately tangible benefits. He pulled in more than $60,000 from wall street executives during the first quarter. (Roll Call)


  • H.R. 1831To preserve the constitutional authority of Congress and ensure accountability and transparency in legislation.



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