Watch TransparencyCamp ideas grow!


TransparencyCamp has come and gone, but the ideas that sprouted at TCamp are just beginning to come to life.

Steve Spiker from OpenOakland shared his insight about the transparency movement in the TCamp wrap up video below, “We’re saying things need to be different in our country and that’s only going to happen if you care enough to persist on it.”

The transparency community understands that progress starts at TCamp but it doesn’t end when you go home.

For example, Waldo Jaquith, whom you may remember as an OpenGov Champion, created a dataset of all the public comments on proposed legislation in Virginia. You can see the new data already available at!

Becky Sweger of National Priorities Project gave back to the community by being a part of Citizen Advocacy day and lobbying her Senators and Representatives.  She recently blogged about her experience, “After writing about the DATA ACT for the past year, it was gratifying to go to Capitol Hill and campaign face-to-face for better federal spending data.”

In another great project, TCamp attendees used Consumer Financial Protection Bureau data to create an open source tool that visualizes bank complaints. Kathryn Peters (of TurboVote) who worked on that project, recently announced on Twitter that the tool is launched!

And we can’t forget that Fabrizio Scrollini Mendez is “Talking this party down South,” with a TransparencyCamp in Uruguay, ABRE LATAM, June 24-25. The Sunlight Foundation is proudly one of the sponsors.

Please tell us about your post TCamp experiences– there are far more successes than we could include in a post. If you couldn’t make it to TCamp or would like to relive the amazing presenters we’ve posted more videos here.

TCamp lasts for a weekend but, it is the accomplishments after TCamp that truly count. Thanks for making those happen! 


More TCamp inspired events:

More TCamp inspired projects:

  • Legislative project in Uganda

  • Improve etherpad

  • City of Chicago code project

  • Become a Tech Ambassador in Ohio

  • Create tutorials on scraping

  • Twitter meetups, for activist toolbox

  • New public data platform form the CFPB

  • Campaign on twitter to get jargon explained

More TCamp inspired self-improvement:

  • Submit more pull requests

  • Review notes for missed sessions

  • Do a tutorial