2Day in #OpenGov 5/24/2013



  • Representative Jo Bonner (R-AL) is leaving Congress for a gig in academia…sort of. He announced yesterday that he is leaving Congress by August 15th to become vice chancellor of government relations and economic development at the University of Alabama System. (POLITICO)
  • Despite news last week that it had withdrawn its letter of intent to join the OGP, Russia may still join the partnership eventually. A presidential spokesman has walked back reports from last week. (Tech President)
  • Virginia’s attorney general, who also happens to be running for governor, appointed a special prosecutor to investigate allegations that current governor Bob McDonnell accepted a $15,000 check from a political donor to help pay for his daughter’s wedding. The donor also has ties to current attorney general Ken Cuccinelli. (New York Times)
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook faced off against a Senate subcommittee this week over the company’s offshore tax practices, but at least two Senators on the panel probably have reason to support Apple’s tactics. Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND), who didn’t attend the hearing, owns as much as $500,000 in Apple stock, more than any other member of the panel. (Public Integrity)
  • Senator David Vitter (R-LA), who basically wrote the book on how to survive an embarrassing sex scandal, is going to spend several days this fall raising money for an outside group that exists purely to support him in state and federal elections. The move is sparking talk that he may be eyeing a run for Governor in 2015. (POLITICO)
  • Data.gov is in the processing of upgrading its system, moving to a new catalog based on the open source CKAN system. Improvements include a new search function, better sorting and tagging, and improved metadata. (fedscoop)
  • Opinion: The GOP’s response to the recent IRS scandals is the final nail in the coffin of their previous pro-disclosure positions. (National Journal)


  • H.R. 2121 . To amend the Federal Crop Insurance Act to require annual disclosure of crop insurance premium subsidies in the public interest.

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