2Day in #OpenGov 5/31/2013



  • Tobacco behemoth Reynolds American Inc. spent big to support a number of politically active nonprofit groups during 2012. The company sent $175,000 to Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform and $50,000 to the Koch brother’s Americans for Prosperity. (Public Integrity)
  • Chevron, on of America’s most prolific corporate super PAC donors, faced a threat to their political largesse yesterday, but their shareholders did not give in to an attempt to ban the company from using corporate funds for political activities.  (Public Integrity)
  • Chicago is losing its Chief Data and Information Officer Brett Goldstein to the private sector. Goldstein is moving to a fellowship at the University of Chicago’s Harris School of Public Policy where he will explore new ways to “marry data and government,” for two years. (Government Technology)
  • Republican Senator John Thune, the number 3 GOP Senator, isn’t a big fan of super PACs and other outside political spending groups, but he seems resigned to their continue existence. (Roll Call)
  • Former Bush administration official and executive at the American Hotel & Lodging Association is taking the reins at the Business Council, an influential group of business leaders who hold high-level policy discussions several times a year. (POLITICO)
  • Ben, of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream fame, is heading to Washington to speak in favor of getting money out of politics. In 2012 he started a campaign to “stamp money out of politics.” (POLITICO)
  • Former head of the CIA David Patraeus is moving on from the sex scandal that ended his government career, and cast suspicion on that official bio, with a nice cushy gig in the private sector. Patraeus is joining KKR, one of the worlds most prominent private equity firms, as head of their new “global institute”. (Government Executive)

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