2Day in #OpenGov 6/3/2013



  • After losing ally John Kyl (R-AZ) in last years election, the online poker lobby is looking for new Republican friends on the hill. Harry Reid is a big fan of internet poker, but the deck appears stacked against passage unless a non-Nevadan Republican joins the game. (The Hill)
  • Over the past 16 years Thomas Donohue has turned the US Chamber of Commerce into a lobbying powerhouse, research organization, and supreme court advocacy group. He’s also raised a ton of money and pulled the Chamber far into partisan territory. (New York Times)
  • Marco Rubio is using his PAC to raise money for Chris Christie. Both men appear interested in a 2016 White House bid, but helping each other now might be the best for both short term as Christie (POLITICO)
  • President Obama is heading to California to meet Chinese President Xi Jinping, but he’s also planning to fit in some fundraising time among important discussions with the Chinese leader. (The Hill)
  • Sallie Mae shareholders rejected a proposal that would have boosted its voluntary lobbying disclosures and information about giving to trade associations. While the proposal did not pass, it did garner a significant amount of support. (POLITICO)
  • The OMB released an important inventory of federal programs across 24 departments last week. The inventory, the first of its kind, lists over 1,600 programs. (Government Executive)
  • Former Obama administration officials are starting to cash in on their former experience as the President faces some high profile decisions. Top aides, who face restrictions on their ability to directly lobby the administration, have landed in high profile gigs as consultants, speakers, and media advisers for firms working on hot button issues like Keystone XL. (Washington Post)


  •  H.R. 2143. USPSTF Transparency and Accountability Act of 2013.
  • H.R. 2122. Regulatory Accountability Act of 2013. To reform the process by which Federal agencies analyze and formulate new regulations and guidance documents.
  • S. 1029. Regulatory Accountability Act of 2013. To reform the process by which Federal agencies analyze and formulate new regulations and guidance documents.
  • S. 1018Federal Reserve Independence Act.


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