2Day in #OpenGov 7/9/2013



  • What happens when secrecy laws seem to impede the government? Legal terms get redefined, documents get moved out of FOIA’s reach, and rules are broadly reinterpreted. (The Atlantic Wire)
  • Obama’s remarks yesterday about his administration’s management reform revealed his conviction that solutions must come from the private sector – an interesting stance for a Democratic politician. (Government Executive)
  • A new rule going into effect next month penalizes businesses that misrepresent themselves as “small” to the federal government for the full value of the contract. (Fierce Government)
  • Winning a House seat cost the victor an average of $753,000 in 1978, less than half of what it does today – and that’s without factoring in spending by outside groups and super PACs. (New York Times)
  • Judge James Robertson, a former member of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court, publicly spoke out against the court’s limitations in only hearing the government’s side of each case, saying that it was closer to an “administrative agency” in its proceedings. (Boston Herald)