2Day in #OpenGov 6/11/2013



  • Taking the long view: A decade later, the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reforms turned out to just be a speed bump for the ever-increasing influx of money into federal elections: last year’s candidates spent over $1.5 billion running for the House and Senate. (National Journal)
  • Newark Mayor Cory Booker took in $4.6 million last quarter, equipping him for the Senate special election where he enjoys a 40-point lead. 70% of his donations came from outside of NJ, and 85% were from first time donors. (Washington Post)
  • Major defense contractors continue their pattern of leaning red, favoring the GOP with 60% of their donations. POLITICO compiled the 10 Congressmen who have received the most money from defense PACs this past quarter. (POLITICO)
  • Tom Malinowski, the Washington director for Human Rights Watch, was in the news years ago for his discontent over the Obama administration’s ban on hiring lobbyists, arguing there should be a distinction made for do-good lobbies. He’s back, as Obama nominated him to be the administration’s point person on human rights at the State Department after the mandatory “cooling off period” since Malinowski last filed a lobbying-disclosure form. (Washington Post)
  • Another sign that the ramp-up to the presidential election is starting earlier than ever – the national nonprofit Emily’s List is headed to Iowa next month, holding a town-hall for its “Madam President” effort at the same time as the kickoff to Iowa’s state fair. (ABC News)