2Day in #OpenGov 8/13/2013


by Justin Lin, Policy Intern


  • Progress Kentucky, a Democratic super PAC that received controversy for alleged bugging of Senator Mitch McConnell’s meetings, is shutting down. The super PAC raised only $15,000 in the first two quarters, but in a race that could amount to being the most heavily fundraised in history, people in the super PAC may have to look elsewhere to defeat McConnell. (Washington Post)
  • Ted Cruz jumping on the “Rail against mainstream media” bandwagon? After RNC Chair Reince Priebus criticized NBC for its favorable treatment of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Cruz said that mainstream media were “in love” with Clinton. (Washington Post)
  • Eliot Spitzer is viewed quite unfavorably by the public: 68% say his and former Rep. Anthony Weiner’s comebacks are “embarrassing,” and nearly 60% view him unfavorably. However, recent polls in late July and early August show him up anywhere from four to nine points against Scott Stringer, his main primary opponent. (Washington Post)
  • The League of Conservation Voters, an environmentalist group, have begun their $2 million ad launch against Sen. Ron Johnson and¬†three House Republicans (Mike Coffman, Dan Banishek, and Rodney Davis.) Coffman faces a serious challenge from state House speaker Andrew Romanoff. (Washington Post)
  • Since former Gov. Brian Schweitzer announced that he will not be running for Senate, Democrats have scrambled to find a candidate for the Montana Senate seat, with current Senator Max Baucus extensively fundraising for the state party. Montana Democrats were dealt another blow when former Rep. Pat Williams said he was not running for the seat due to his age and health concerns. (Roll Call)
  • S.1467¬†– A bill to establish the Office of the Special Advocate to provide advocacy in cases before courts established by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 and for other purposes.