2Day in #OpenGov 8/16/2013


by Justin Lin, policy intern


  • In a move that may come as a surprise to many Republicans, Rep. Dave Camp has just announced that he is not running for the Michigan Senate seat in the 2014 election. The news means that Teri Lynn Land, the former secretary of state of Michigan, will be the GOP’s biggest contender for the seat right now. (Roll Call)
  • Federal judges getting involved in politics? Well not quite, but federal judges in 49 of fifty states wrote a letter to congress urging them not to continue cuts to the budget. They wrote that the $350 million cut to the lower half of the judiciary has led to longer proceedings times and has undermined public safety. (Washington Post)
  • Rep. Michael Michaud has declared his candidacy for the Maine governorship, meaning there will be many vying for his House spot. With his seat now being open, many are vying for his spot, including one Republican and three Democrats, many of whom have held state legislative office. (Roll Call)
  • President Obama announced yesterday that he is canceling joint military exercises with Egypt that were scheduled for next month. Egyptian generals have ignored previous calls from the United States to change their policies, even after the United States delayed sending F-16 fighter jets to the country. (Washington Post)
  • An internal audit of the National Security Agency revealed that the NSA had indeed broken privacy laws of Americans over 2700 times. According to the report, 1900 of those incidents were due to foreigners being wiretapped without their knowledge, possibly due to coming to the United States for a vacation or holiday. (Washington Post)