Today in #OpenGov 8/19/2013



  • New Jersey Democratic Senate candidate, and all around technologically engaged guy, Cory Booker supports the idea of e-filing his campaign finance reports, but instead of leading on the issue he is still filing his reports, over 3,000 pages worth so far, the old fashioned way. (Public Integrity)
  • Business interests might be regretting their decision to back a number of successful tea party politicians over the past couple of election cycles. The new lawmakers’ general aversion to compromise is causing continued gridlock in Washington and could lead to disaster as more fiscal deadlines loom in the fall. (National Journal)
  • Freshman members of Congress looking to tap into the strongest torrent of campaign cash should seek out seats on the House Financial Services Committee. Interest groups donate more to the panel’s members than those of any other committee. (Roll Call)
  • Chris Christie (R-NJ) isn’t facing much competition in his bid for a second term as Governor of New Jersey, but he is using the race to grow his political organization and improve his image ahead of a potential presidential run in 2016. He is building a 50 state fundraising operation that includes big time Republican names. (New York Times, Washington Post)
  • The head of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, which is tasked with providing oversight of the government’s seemingly endless spying programs, has gone on record saying that the court has only a limited ability to actually perform oversight. (Washington Post)
  • A new generation of Science Fiction television shows are taking up questions related to transparency, fair elections, and openness. (Global Integrity)