Today in #OpenGov 8/22/2013



  • Code for America is thinking about open, civic data standards thanks to a growing understanding of what types of data are of most value to cities. Data on health inspections, building permits, transportation, and more top the list. (Code for America)
  • Senators might be holding out on their campaign committees. Both the Republican and Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committees are carrying relatively high debt loads while many Senators are sitting on seven figure war chests. (Roll Call)
  • Documents revealed yesterday thanks to an Electronic Frontier Foundation lawsuit revealed that a FISC opinion found that the NSA “frequently and systematically violated” oversight requirements, collecting thousands of emails and other communications by Americans unsuspected of any crime or terrorist activity. (ars technicaElectronic Frontier Foundation)
  • Rep. Chris Van Hollen is hoping to find allies all over the political spectrum to help support his lawsuit against the IRS. The suit, which targets the IRS’ process for evaluating non-profit applications for 501(c)(4) status may appeal to progressives unhappy about dark political money and tea partiers concerned about government overreach. (National Journal)
  • Candidates for state office don’t have to worry about those pesky federal rules that prevent super PACs from donating huge sums directly to Federal candidates. Case in point, Virginia Gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe (D) just pulled in $1.2 million from the Democratic Governors Association’s super PAC and his opponent Ken Cuccinelli has received at least $5.6 million from the RGA over the course of the campaign. (New York Times)

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