Hey, Tumblr: It’s Party Time!


Political Party Time is now on Tumblr! Follow us at www.politicalpartytime.tumblr.com

The business of following the money just got a little more social — and a lot more fun.

Five years into its award-winning Political Party Time project, the Sunlight Foundation is excited to announce a new, GIF-tastic Tumblr presence for the popular website.

We’re calling it (wait for it…) the Political Party Time Tumblr!

Because if the last five years have shown us anything, it’s that fundraising in Washington, D.C., is anything but boring. Included among the more than 18,000 political invites Party Time has crowdsourced is a compendium of nearly every wild, wacky and weird party you could dream up.Teeny Weeny Martini Bikini parties in the midst of summer recess? You bet. Dreaming away the night with Bieber and getting bootylicious with Queen Be? We’ve recorded plenty of that too (but nobody holds a candle to number of nights spent with The Boss).

And now we’re giving it all a social spin on Tumblr. Look for the usual Tumblr trappings (GIFs, photos, pop culture), but also a bit of good old fashioned journalism, too. After all, that’s the the idea behind Party Time: to shed a healthy dose of sunlight on one of the more mysterious habits of Congress.

So stay tuned to this station. We’re ready to bring you all the ‘notable’ fundraising content we can muster.