Today in #OpenGov 10/3/2013


National News

  • Some of the earliest causalities of the government shutdown have been the various Federal watchdogs. The GAO won’t be publishing reports, the CBO will be drastically reducing their workload, and FOIA processing is being crippled by “nonessential” status.  (Washington Times)
  • The Federal Election Commission may be down to only the four active commissioners, but they want campaigns and candidates to continue filing their campaign finance reports. While the servers are still up and running, there’s no telling what might happen if the shutdown drags on, keeping the folks who make sure the computers are working away from their desks. (Washington Post)
  • Lobbyists aren’t letting the shutdown close their calendars. Despite logistical issues and the budget standoff sucking oxygen away from any other issue,  many lobbyists reporting attempting to keep up a normal workload around the hill.  (POLITICO)
  • In non-shutdown news, a Nevada lawyer and lobbyist with close ties to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was sent to the slammer for two years after being found guilty of making more than $100,000 worth of straw donations to Reid’s 2008 campaign. Reid has not been specifically implicated in the scheme. (POLITICO)

International News

  • A group in Madagascar is tracking presidential platforms ahead up elections later this month. Madatsara breaks election issues down into 9 topic areas and compares the various candidates stances on the issues. (Global Voices)
  • Singapore is looking to open source solutions to push forward business analytics development for future projects. The government signed a Memorandum of Understanding with leading open source provider Red Hat recently. (Future Gov)
  • Efforts underway in Wales will hopefully result in a better system to track transit access in Wales. The Welsh government commissioned Mapumental to figure out how to plot transit times to and from a variety of points. (My Society)

State and Local News

  • A new app from a Code for America team in South Bend, Indiana takes aim at the city’s vacant housing problem. CityVoice is a voice-based app allows citizens to report vacant houses by making a quick phone call. (Code for America)

Events Today

  • Cybersecurity Summit. Washington Post Live. Thurs. 10/3. 8:30 a.m. – noon. Washington Pos, t1150 15th Street NW Washington, DC 20071
  • Rethinking International Anti Money Laundering Regime. American University Washington College of Law. Thurs. 10/3. 4:30 – 6 p.m. AU Washington College of Law, WCL, 6th Floor Lounges, 4801 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington, D.C. 20016

Events Tomorrow

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