Volunteer watchdogs wanted: Help us track foreign influence!


The Sunlight Foundation is looking for intrepid volunteers willing to wade, ever so meticulously, through records on foreign influence in DC. We need your help in updating our database that tracks lobbying on behalf of foreign entities. Your mission: to help us enter the Foreign Agent Registration Act disclosure forms from the Department of Justice and, create a database that can be queried, aggregated and  analyzed.

Your work will help produce a tool that, like all of Sunlight’s work, will be open source and available at no cost.  And it will help journalists and other watchdogs track influence on our government.

Participants will receive data training and can contribute remotely on at their convenience. No technological experience is necessary. Interested? Or want to know more? Contact Lindsay.

With your help, we can use the data to map influence and explain how current events relate to Washington lobbying. Click on the map below to see the 2012 influence profiles and recent events. Projects like this one need data updates. Who knows what other stories are buried in PDFs?

Arab Spring: One Year Later

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Thank you for your support!