Today in #OpenGov 10/21/2013


National News

  • Teach For America has grown into a political powerhouse and has the money to back up their policy goals. The group, which sends recent college grads into underfunded public schools for two year stints, has a $100 million endowment, $300 million in yearly revenues, and growing leverage as their alumni take high powered positions and launch innovative ideas. (POLITICO)
  • President Obama took a break from one of his favorite activities, raising money, during the government shutdown. But, now that things are back up and running, he’s heading to New York to raise money for the DCCC. (Washington Times)
  • Meanwhile, the DCCC wasn’t feeling so hindered by the potential for a shutdown during September. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee had its best non-election year September fundraising haul ever, pulling in $8.4 million as the shutdown grew closer. (National Journal)

International News

  • As a number of Balkan countries look to join the EU civil society organizations are pushing their governments, often controlled by a single party, to embrace principles of openness. (SE Times)
  • Open data in development projects will not necessarily lead to better outcomes without models to put the data to use. (Open Knowledge Blog)

State and Local News

  • As cities increasingly tune in to the advantages of releasing their data openly and in useful and attractive formats they should be thinking about ways to tie all of their various data together to give citizens a picture of the ways that various city data connects down to the neighborhood level. (The Atlantic Cities)
  • San Francisco has teamed up with for a new real-time crisis map that will track a variety of emergency situations as they appear around the city. Crisis Mode is launching in conjunction with SF72, an open sourced platform that provides online resources and updates for emergency preparedness. (Government Technology)


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