Today in #OpenGov 11/4/2013


National News

  • The website set up to track government aid given in the wake of Hurricane Sandy might not live up to the standard set by the Recovery Board, which closely followed the money spent via anti-recession stimulus programs. (Government Executive)

International News

  • Many activists and civil society organizations were upset at the lack of attention paid to issues of privacy and surveillance by OGP member countries at the summit in London last week. A group of Civil Society Organizations have signed on to a letter addressing the issues. (Tech President)
  • The Joined Up Data project will look to create a culture of collaboration among multi-stakeholder transparency initiatives that have recently resulted in the release of huge amounts of data about the aid, construction, contracting, extractives, and even more sectors. (Open Knowledge Blog)

State and Local News

  • Outside money has become an issue in Boston’s competitive race to replace long time Mayor Thomas Menino. Martin Walsh, one of the top two candidates, has received plenty of outside help, particularly from labor groups. His major opponent, John Connolly, is making an issue of the big spending. (New York Times,  Common Cause Blog)


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