Today in #OpenGov 11/13/2013


National News

  • Women are still struggling to fill the most public jobs in politics and government, but there’s one area where they are already exerting their power in large numbers. Political fundraising is a competitive business where women dominate. (National Journal)
  • Tom Blanton, longtime FOIA activist and director of the National Security Archive, outlined five challenges he sees facing journalists and transparency advocates as they attempt to open government information. Among them, he highlighted expanding the open data movement and finding sustainable funding sources. (Journalism in the Americas)

International News

  • Last Friday, France released their open data action plan stemming from the recent G8 Open Data Charter. France has plans to upgrade their open data portal and the plans lay out data set for release by specific agencies. (Tech President)
  • A new whistleblower protection law passed in Hungary lacks some major changes and keeps existing, and lacking, oversight systems in place. One positive outcome may prod companies to set up compliance programs, but not without controversy. (Transparency International)

State and Local News

  • Modern city dwellers are remembering what their parents taught them and figuring out ways to share everything from bikes to beds. The “sharing city” benefits from advances in technology that allow interested parties to connect more easily. (Tech President)

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