Today in #OpenGov 11/14/2013


National News

  • The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services are turning to data to root out fraud and abuse in their programs. They are also working to make more data about financial relationships between teaching hospitals and the medical industry open. (Fed Scoop)
  • The White House is fighting against proposals circulating in the Senate that would bring some needed transparency to various intelligence programs. National Security staffers are arguing that shedding light on some of our nation’s spying activities will harm national security. (POLITICO)
  • Vice President Biden is losing one chief of staff, but has another waiting in the wings after coming in through the revolving door. Steve Ricchetti, who will take over the post in mid-December, is a former lobbyist and Clinton administration official who has been working as a counselor to Biden since 2012.  (New York Times)

International News

  • Bahrain is looking to boost transparency through a national strategy to promote electronic participation in government. The strategy, which official’s hope to launch soon, would be the first of its kind in the region. (Future Gov)
  • Ireland is looking to raise some of the fees it ties to Freedom of Information requests, which might be in conflict with European and international regulations. (Access Info)

Events Today

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