Today in #OpenGov 11/18/2013


National News

  • A group of 80 law professors are calling on President Obama to open up the Trans-Pacific Partnership process. In the wake of recent major leaks, they argue that the closed negotiation process is not working. (Tech Dirt)
  • The cable industry’s major trade association the National Cable and Telecommunications Association dipped its toes into the dark money game in 2012, spreading relatively small donations around to a number of groups that spent huge amounts to oppose President Obama. (Public Integrity)
  • The House Ethics Committee has ended its investigation into trips to Taiwan taken by Reps. Peter Roskam and Bill Owens. Owens, whose trip was closely tied with a lobbying group, had already paid back the cost of his trip. (POLITICO)

International News

  • The Open Data Institute has signed an agreement with South Korea’s National Information Society Agency to pursue collaboration in open data. (FutureGov)
  • Interested in learning how the money flows through the Nigerian extractives industry? You’ll have a chance on December 7, when the Open Knowledge Foundation hosts a webinar on the topic. (Open Knowledge Blog)

State and Local News

  • Orange County, California has experienced a number of dog bite incidents in recent months and is considering displaying their data on an interactive map in an attempt to combat the problem. (Government Technology)
  • Democrats are often seen as being opposed to campaign finance deregulation in the wake of the Citizens United decision. But, last year Unions and other left leaning groups used it to their advantage, specifically successfully targeting state elections. (Roll Call, Public Integrity)


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