Today in #OpenGov 11/19/2013


National News

  • Members of Congress are happy to share a little help with their friends, other members of Congress. Even in this non-election year, Leadership PACs have raked in $18 million and doled out nearly $12 million to other politicians. (Roll Call)
  • Don’t call me a Lobbyist, from this moment forward I am a Government Relations Professional! I’m just following the lead of the group-formerly known as the American League of Lobbyists, which voted to rename itself the Association of Government Relations Professionals. (Public Integrity)

International News

  • The Philippines has launched a portal aimed at opening up foreign aid information. This portal could be come vital as the country attempts to rebuild after being slammed by a devastating typhoon last week. (Future Gov)

State and Local News

  • The New York City Council is slated to hold an oversight hearing to investigate the Big Apple’s open data law. It’s set to go at 1:00 pm tomorrow. (The New York City Council)
  • More news out of New York City comes in the form of an exploration of the City’s efforts to review and analyze regulations before they become law. (Data-Smart City Solutions)

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