Today in #OpenGov 11/20/2013


National News

  • The deputy CIO at the CFPB sat down with FedScoop to talk about how the innovative agency has leveraged open source technologies to get their job done. (FedScoop)
  • President Obama has had a tough time of it lately. But, his struggles governing haven’t hindered what sometimes seems to be his favorite job, raising huge amounts of money for the Democratic party. (NPR)

International News

  • The Australian State of New South Wales released its first open data policy, embracing the philosophy of “open by default” in the process. (Future Gov)
  • Several U.S. groups are celebrating 30 years of working to strengthen democracy and democratic institutions around the world. The National Democratic Institute, National Endowment for Democracy, and International Republican Institute have been at it for three decades. (NDI)

State and Local News

  • Ever wonder if your city is “smart?” Like ranked lists and pretty pictures? This article, which ranks the 10 “smartest cities” in North America may be for you! (Fast Co.Exist)
  • New York City’s department of education announced several applications built on open data that hope to help parents and students navigate the high-school selection process. (Education Week)

Events Today

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