Today in #OpenGov 12/12/2013


Keep reading for today’s roundup of #OpenGov news featuring a successful anti-corruption political party in India, an iterative open data process in San Francisco, and much more.

National News

  • GovTrack is upgrading its system to take advantage of HouseXML and CatoXML, two projects that should make it easier to read, understand, and potentially manipulate legislative text on the site. (GovTrack)
  • While “lobbyist” has become a dirty enough word to push the Organization Formerly Known as the American League of Lobbyists to change its name, not all influence professionals are so quick to shy away from their title. (Public Integrity)

International News

  • Around a year ago a new political party launched in India with the aim of fighting corruption. The party was so successful in a recent election that they helped oust New Dehli’s previous ruling party from power in the regional assembly there, a development that could lead to significant change. (The FCPA blog)
  • A new report investigating reasons for a steep decline in political participation and satisfaction among Canadians suggests that the poor quality of politician’s web presence’s may have something to do with it. (Tech President)

State and Local News

  • Five teams were named winners of the 2013 Civic Data Challenge, sponsored by the Knight Foundation and held by the National Conference on Citizenship. The winning projects collaborated with communities to address felt needs.(Knight Foundation)
  • On Tuesday night San Francisco approved changes to the city’s open data law. The amendments, the fourth round of improvements since the law was initially passed, will standardize formats and release timelines. (Tech Wire)


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