Today in #OpenGov 12/17/2013


series-opengov-today Keep reading for today’s look at #OpenGov news, events and analysis including anti-corruption candidates that aren’t corrupt, Gavin Newsom’s open data efforts and lobbyists’ low poll numbers.

National News

  • It might not come as a surprise to this audience, but lobbyists and members of Congress came in at the bottom of a poll measuring how honest and ethical Americans view different professions. Lobbyists say they’re merely misunderstood. (POLITICO)
  • Jon Carson, who was the first employee of Organizing for America, the Obama campaign spin-off, described the early days of the new organization as like working at a tiny start up “with the assets of Google.” (Tech President)

International News

  • You may remember reading about the new anti-corruption party gaining steam in India. Now, it looks like they are living up to their ideals by running clean campaigns and sticking to very low, legal limits on expenditures. (The Indian Express)
  • Opinion: The Philippines Commission on Elections found that 422 successful candidates in recent elections failed to report any of their contributions or expenditures within the 30 day post election filing period. The deadline dates back to 1991, but has never been actively enforced. (Phil Star)

State and Local News

  • California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom is frustrated with the lack of priority being given to open data statewide. He has drafted an executive order to remedy this and is waiting for Gov. Jerry Brown to leave the state, because apparently if that happens Newsom gets to do what he wants. (Tech Wire)
  • Opinion: Technology companies have embraced the language of urban planning and urban politics, but the sector as a whole has shown little interest in good urban policies and tech companies have shown little interest in being good urban neighbors. (New York Times)

Events Today


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