Today in #OpenGov 12/18/2013


series-opengov-todayKeep reading for today’s look at #OpenGov news, events and analysis including inspecting an inspector general, California cities leading on open data and an arrested democracy activist in Azerbaijan.

National News

  • The Department of Homeland Security is in the market for a new Inspector General after their old one, Charles Edwards, stepped down during an investigation into allegations that he misused his office and softened reports to avoid embarrassing the Obama administration. (Washington Post)
  • President Obama met with a group of technology executives to discuss problems with and NSA spying. But, surprise, surprise, almost all of those at the meeting are Obama donors. (NPR)
  • Washington is starving its election watchdog from the inside and out. Click through for a detailed look at the problems plaguing the FEC. (Public Integrity)

International News

  • Anar Mammadli, a prominent pro-democracy activist who has run election monitoring programs in Azerbaijan, was arrested and will be detained for at least three months as he awaits trial on charges of “illegal entrepreneurship.” The arrest has drawn the ire of diplomats around the world, including the American ambassador to Azerbaijan.  (Trend.AZ)

State and Local News

  • San Francisco has showed other cities that passing an open data policy is not a one-and-done idea, they have passed multiple updates to their policy this year and engaged politicians continue to look for ways to make it work better. (Gov Fresh)
  • As San Diego considers moving towards more open data, leaders are trying to figure out how to modernize, get employees on board, and win the confidence of citizens. (Voice of San Diego)

Events Tomorrow


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