Today in #OpenGov 1/7/2013


Keep reading for today’s look at #OpenGov news, events and analysis including Snapchat snapping up lobbyists and corruption in New Jersey. series-opengov-today

National News

  • Government can release all the data that it wants, but without building ecosystems and communities, without lowering the barrier to consumption, open data will go unused. (Gov Fresh)
  • Snapchat, the increasingly popular photo messaging service, is stepping up its influence game following a massive security breach. The start up isn’t messing around either, hiring heavy weight firm Heather Podesta + Partners to lobby for it in Washington.  (POLITICO)

International News

  • Legislation.UK.Gov launched three years ago to provide public access to more than 800 years of British legal history. The site has been a success, drawing 2 million unique monthly visitors and rolling out continual improvements.  (E Pluribus Unum)
  • The European Commission is trying out a pilot project that could lead to open access to EU funded research data. (ePSI Platform)
  • Underway since 2012, a new study that maps the global open spending data community is out now. The report aimed to identify Civil Society groups working with government financial data, connect them to each other, and more. (Open Knowledge Blog)

State and Local News

  • The federal open data policy currently being implemented by various agencies could have a variety of positive impacts on local open data efforts. It creates a new standard for governments to emulate, making “open by default” an even more powerful idea. (
  • Where can you be accused of accepting more than $50,000 worth of bribes, go to trial in federal court, and still remain in your old job as Mayor? If you guessed Trenton, NJ you’re correct! Tony Mack, mayor of New Jersey’s capital city, is facing charges that he traded large amounts of cash in exchange for help developing a parking garage on city land. (Yahoo/Reuters)

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