Government Accountability and Transparency Board to Hear Public Testimony on January 22


The Government Accountability and Transparency Board (GAT Board) is holding an open meeting next Wednesday, January 22. The board will be hearing presentations from the public and is specifically looking for feedback from users of federal spending data. The GAT board, which was modeled after the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board, is tasked with overseeing federal spending data, providing “strategic direction” for enhancing federal spending transparency, and applying lessons learned through the recovery process across federal spending.

Hearing Room. Photo Credit: Flickr User OZinOH

The Sunlight Foundation has been working to improve the quality and transparency of federal spending data for years and has specifically advocated for increased public participation and dialogue through meetings like this. We are thrilled that the board is taking this opportunity to hear from users of the federal spending data that it is tasked with overseeing.

The board has outlined a series of questions that they hope presenters will expand upon including:

  • What questions are you trying to answer with federal spending information?
  • What federal spending information do you need to answer these questions?
  • Where do you find that federal spending information now?
  • Where does federal spending information need clearer instructions or explanations?
  • What suggestions do you have for prioritizing federal spending information enhancements?

If you are interested in presenting to the board take a look at the requirements outlined in the meeting notice and RSVP to by Wednesday.