Today in #OpenGov 1/30/2014


Keep reading for today’s look at #OpenGov news, events and analysis including big super PAC givers, pollution data in China, and useable health data in South Carolina. series-opengov-today

National News

  • The Presidential Election Commission got a shout out in the State of the Union. The groups issued a report on the 2012 election just days before the speech. Their suggested reforms are focused on improving technology and data. (Tech President)
  • Final 2013 campaign finance reports are still rolling in and there are already $1 million super PAC donors. The big donors include associations, unions, and individuals, topped by the Democratic Governors Association, which shifted more than $7 million to its own super PAC during 2013. (Roll Call)

International News

  • China is trying to address their serious air pollution issues with open data. Starting this year, Chinese factors are required to report air emissions and wasterwater multiple times a day and post that data online. (Future Gov)

State and Local News

  • South Carolina is making good use of a variety of health data to make it easier for citizens to find and pick the best hospital and policy makers to make informed decisions. includes financial and operational data and will eventually include data on the cost of various procedures. (Government Technology)
  • StreetCred takes a variety of, previously siloed, criminal justice data and brings it together in an attempt to help police more easily identify and find fugitives. (Gov Fresh)

Events Today

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