Today in #OpenGov 3/5/2014


Keep reading for today’s look at #OpenGov news, events and analysis including the federal budget, negotiations in Cambodia, and transparency roll backs in San Diego.series-opengov-today

National News

  • The legislative support agencies are asking for a modest raise over 2014’s budget levels, but Tom Cole, chairman of the relevant appropriations sub committee, seemed skeptical. (Roll Call)
  • President Obama’s proposed budget spends generously on any number of the President’s priorities, but doesn’t manage to give the FEC even as much as the struggling agency asked for, let alone as much as they need to fill much needed positions. (Public Integrity)

International News

  • As Tunisia moves towards a new constitution several activists are attempting to engage a wider audience and provide digital access to the process with the goal of putting information about the proposed constitution online. (Tech President)
  • The ruling and opposition parties in Cambodia are negotiating to end a long running political deadlock over the election process. They tackled regulation and financing of political parties on their first day, but details of the agreement are still scarce. (Voice of America Cambodia)

State and Local News

  • San Diego’s interim Mayor issued a memo stating that they city would begin deleting all emails older than 1 year. The move has been met with resistance from open government groups, who claim the move is both unwise and possibly illegal. (KPBS San Diego)
  • San Francisco has named its first Chief Data Officer. Joy Bonaguro has served in a variety of government roles and appears to have design, data, and policy experience. (GovFresh)

Events Today 3/5

  • Library of Congress Budget. House Committee on Appropriations. Wed. 3/5. 10:00 am. HT-2, the Capitol. Subcommittee on the Legislative Branch.

Events Tomorrow 3/6

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