Sunlight Foundation’s 2014 Pi Day Pie off

a collage of nine different pies
A collection of entries to the Sunlight Foundation Pi Day Pie Off.

The ratio of a circle’s diameter to its circumference is a transcendental irrational number represented by the Greek letter π. It is approximately 3.14159265359… and it has it’s own dayTODAY! (Coincidentally it’s also Drew Vogel‘s and Albert Einstein’s birthday.) This year Pi Day got sandwiched between Popcorn Lover’s Day and the Ides of March but that’s okay — we here at Sunlight Foundation know how to celebrate Pi Day properly.

The original Pi Day was first celebrated by a couple of Pi-loving San Francisco physicists at San Francisco’s Exploritorium 26 years ago. And today, worldwide, there are many many celebrations of all things Pi. We here at Sunlight celebrate π Day by having a Pie-Off! It’s informal, it’s not a competition, but it is a competition.

The Sunlight Foundation’s Washington, D.C. conference room transformed into our kitchen stadium with nine contestants. We ran the gamut of pie from sweet, fruit pies to highfalutin savory pies. Many entries this year straddled that savory-sweet line. “Most went sweet with a savory kick”, said Caitlin Weber. All pies were good — not a weak one in the bunch. Judge for yourself.

Clearly we’re all winners. Pi Day is my favorite day of the year. Thank you Sun Foundation and happy Pi Day everybody!