Today in #OpenGov 3/17/2014


Keep reading for today’s look at #OpenGov news, events and analysis including another snowy day on the east coast, missing IGs, and plenty of Russia related news.series-opengov-today

National News

  • Despite the Senate’s recent vote to confirm a new IG for the Department of Homeland Security there is still a significant gap in oversight at a number of major agencies. There are still 9 agencies without permanent Inspectors General. (Government Executive)
  • Alan Davidson, a former Google lobbyist and long time advocate for and open Internet, is heading to the New America Foundation to take the reigns of the Open Technology Institute. (The Hill)

International News

  • Last week, Russia blocked a number of opposition news websites. In response, Anonymous Russia reportedly attacked the Kremlin’s website, succeeding in taking it offline for several hours. (Tech President)
  • Myanmar held its first hackathon last week, bringing together 76 hackers to work on problems from 8 NGOs. (mySociety)
  • Russia’s relationship with the West is as rocky as it has ever been following that country’s incursions into Ukranian territory. But, Russia’s friends in Washington, at least the contractually obligated ones, haven’t abandoned it.  (The Hill)

State and Local News

  • San Francisco has a Chief Data Officer. Joy Bonaguro is excited to help city agencies unify data standards and work together on data projects. (Government Technology)
  • Microsoft has a new project, HereHere, that compiles 311 reports and releases “bite sized” and hyper localized summaries of them for areas around Brooklyn. ( Brooklyn)

Events 3/17 – 3/21

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