Congress for iOS 1.5: now with Push Notifications!

An iPhone showing a new alert from the Sunlight Foundation's Congress app with text above it that says "Push notifications for the bills and legislators you follow."

We’re tremendously excited to announce the next version of Congress for iOS! Download and update for free right now to get push notifications on the bills, votes and politicians you care about.

While many of you were diligently checking the app for updates every hour, those of us who were distracted by Flappy Bird, VIP Poker or House of Cards Against Humanity missed all the action. No longer! Now you can easily turn on push notifications for the favorites you’ve already identified and receive alerts when:

  • a legislator you follow introduces a bill
  • a bill you follow is scheduled for a vote
  • a bill is vetoed or signed into law by the president
  • and much more!

The app update also includes a number of visual improvements and bug fixes. We’re actively working on improving Congress for iOS so please share your feedback by rating and reviewing the app on the App Store, tweeting with @congress_app and sending us an email here.