Today in #OpenGov 3/20/2014


Keep reading for today’s look at #OpenGov news, events and analysis including soft money, shell companies, and startups.series-opengov-today

National News

  • RNC Chairman Reince Priebus called for the reintroduction of “soft money” to help political parties pay for their conventions, after federal assistance was recently cut off. (Washington Post)
  • The White House is launching, aimed at making environmental data easier to understand with a focus on showing people the potential effects of global warming. (New York Times)
  • C-SPAN launched 35 years ago yesterday. The network’s founding CEO stepped down from the top spot in 2012, but, like the network, is still going strong. (National Journal)

International News

  • NDI is out with a new report on transparency and parliamentary cooperation with civil society. (NDI)
  • One step towards eliminating corruption around the world is crushing the networks of shell companies, often set up to hide illegal or unsavory activity. (Transparency International)
  • Updates to make it easier for folks in Britain to see how their MP’s voted on various issues. (mySociety)

State and Local News

  • Philadelphia has selected ten startups to participate in its FastFWD program. The groups will be given $10,000 along with access to city officials and data in order to work on city related projects. (Government Technology)

Events Today 3/20

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