The Week on Politwoops: Senate candidate indirectly calls Obama Putin’s ‘bitch’ and more

An image attached to a tweet saying "Vladimir #Putin Sure Is A Ladies Man... #tcot #SorryNotSorry" that was retweeted by Senate candidate Heather Grant and then deleted and archived by Politwoops.
Deleted retweet via Politwoops.

Welcome to another brief roundup of the notable deletions this week from politicians archived by our Politwoops project.

The campaign account for Heather Grant, a conservative running for the U.S. Senate to represent North Carolina, deleted a retweet of a messages saying, “Vladimir #Putin Sure Is A Ladies Man… #tcot #SorryNotSorry” with the image seen to the right. The deletion came just 28 seconds after it was retweeted from her campaign account late last night and is now only available on the Politwoops archive. Grant is running for the Republican nomination to unseat Sen. Kay Hagan, D-N.C., and is polling in third place before the primary on May 6th. A request for comment has not been returned and we will update this post with any response.

The campaign account for Rep. Dina Titus, D-Nev., deleted a tweet that appears to be responding to a tweet from @iGamingPlayer that said, “#igna2014 Congresswoman Dina Titus welcoming attendees to her district. Apparently doesn’t know much about iGaming.” Rep. Titus’ campaign account responded, “@iGamingPlayer And apparently you don’t know much about NV politics #igna2014@repdinatitus” and deleted that message after 5 hours.

This week we added the campaign account for Mayor Vincent Gray, who we have in Politwoops because we consider the chief executive of D.C. equivalent to a governor, as well as the candidates running in the primary. The archive of their deletions will appear on this page. These additions were greeted by local reporters such as Benjamin Freed of the Washingtonian who tweeted “Thank you so much, @SunFoundation. #DCision14” and Mike DeBois of the Washington Post who immediately put it to work by sharing a recent deletion from Mayor Gray. As always, send us an email if you notice accounts we’re missing and please sift through the Politwoops archive that Socrata recently called a “Super Special Sunshine Bonus Tool” to find more interesting deletions.